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Choosing the right countertop is one of the most critical parts of kitchen and bathroom design. It is an investment you will want to keep for a long time, and your sense of design and lifestyle will determine the right countertop for your house. Keep in mind that each of them has hardness and durability and heat and stain resistance. Do you prefer natural stone for design, or do you think a manufactured composite material would work just as well? Then assess the room's overall strategy to ensure that the countertop you want will blend in with the cabinets, flooring, and other design elements. Here are the selected countertops to consider whether you have a conventional, modern farmhouse, or contemporary kitchen. See the quick guide from your Bathroom Countertops Salt Lake City to several types of countertops below, or continue reading for more information on each one.

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For many years, granite countertops have been the norm since it is a natural stone that is highly durable. Granite comes in a variety of dark and light tones, as well as specks and variances. Another distinguishing aspect of granite is that it can be cut with various edge styles, including square, beveled, ogee (an S-shape), half, and full bullnose.

Granite countertops are low-maintenance and straightforward to care for, although potent cleaning agents should be avoided. Granite can be cleaned with only a little soap and water. Some granites are more permeable than others, and stain prevention may necessitate periodic sealing.


In recent years, marble countertops have become increasingly prominent. In terms of aesthetics and high-end new development, marble is still king. It is not difficult to see why. This natural stone improves a kitchen instantly, giving it a clean, contemporary look. Although there is nothing quite like a gleaming white marble finish, marble countertops are also available in diverse colors, including gray, brown, taupe, and green. There are no two marble countertops that are alike.


Do you have a large family, prepare many meals, or simply want to ensure that you invest in a long-lasting countertop? Quartz might be the best option for you. Quartz countertops are composite stones developed from natural quartz coupled with a resin binder. You might be shocked to hear that they are not made entirely of quartz. This stone is likewise non-porous, extremely hard, and requires no re-sealing.

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In finality, Bathroom Countertops Salt Lake City points out that these selections for your countertops are the popular choices from most of our clients. Yet, whatever type of material you choose, we still have extensive collections to choose from.

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