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Master bathrooms are one of the most popular areas in a home to remodel. But why do people take on these projects in the first place, and what do they hope to get out of their new master baths? According to a recent study, the most common reason homeowners renovate their master bathrooms is that they can no longer stand the old ones. When it comes to master bathrooms, homeowners want style, good lighting, resale value, and low maintenance costs. Due to this, Master Bathroom Remodel Salt Lake City discusses the motives, design objectives, and budgets of homeowners who are currently renovating master bathrooms.

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Homeowners Are Ready for a Master Bath Makeover

More than 1,342 repeat customers were working on or planning to start a master bathroom remodel in the next three months. After completing one in the previous 12 months is conducted the study of your Master Bath Remodel. According to the report, 37% of homeowners upgrading their master bathrooms could no longer stand the previous bathrooms. The desire to renovate a master bathroom and finally have the funds is the second most prevalent cause, 30 percent. Notably, the desire to customize a newly purchased property is the third most prevalent reason for upgrading a master bathroom.

How Much Do Homeowners Spend on Master Bath Renovations?

The average cost of remodeling a master bathroom of any size in the United States is $7,000. The only higher spending category is kitchens, which have a national median of $11,000. Master Bathroom Remodel Cost advises that the median represents the middle of a range of expenditure levels, implying that half of the homeowners spend more and half spend less than the median. The national median spending level for big master bathroom remodels greater than 100 square feet is higher, at $16,000, while spending can reach $41,600 or more for the top 10% of homes. Of course, master bathroom renovation costs vary greatly based on the size of the room, the work being done, the labor and material expenses in that region of the country.

Top Master Bathroom Remodel Priorities Include Style, Good Lighting, and Resale Value

Making the space elegant and appealing is the No. 1 design objective for a master bathroom renovation, according to 79 percent of renovating homeowners. Creating a space that contributes to the home's resale value is the second design aim for a master bathroom renovation (45 percent). The most crucial functional goal (47 percent) is sufficient lighting, followed by making a space that is easy to clean and disinfect (44 percent).

Master Bathroom Remodel Salt Lake City UT

In finality, Master Bathroom Remodel Salt Lake City points out that the national median spends on master bedrooms is $2,000 for homeowners upgrading their master baths and their bedrooms. Remember that the median is the midpoint of a pricing range, so half of the master bedroom remodels will cost more, and half will cost less. The national median renovation cost for master bedrooms of 250 square feet or more significant is $2,350.

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